Who am I?

I was born shortly before Christmas in 1949 and raised on a farm in Fasterholt in the center of the Jutland moorland between Ikast and Brande, as number four out of five children. Our parents both came from around Ikast.
I worked on a farm until I had to do my military service in Varde in 1970. After that I drove a truck for a number of years - worked on a sawmill - worked on a woodworking factory for about 10 years. I had been out of work for a period of time when, by chance, I ended up in Ikast Commercial School. First as a student and later as a computer instructor.
It was without doubt the most exciting job I have ever had, in a trade that are in constant development.

Later I got a job as a truck driver. A great job that unfortunately did not last due to the financial crisis. Fortunately I had the opportunity to go on early retirement from New Year 2010.

I have a great interest in computers and flying. I had my first computer in the early eighties - a VIC20 from Commodore, which used a TV set as a screen. Later I got a Commodore 128 on which I started programming in Basic and Assemble code.
Then, after a couple of years, I got my first real PC with a better basic interpreter, GW-basic and Turbo Basic®. The latter had a built-in compiler. The PC had an Intel CPU with a 2½ mhz clock frekvens, 640 Kb RAM and a 20 Mb hard drive. A big step forward, but it was soon to be replaced with a bigger and faster PC.

From spring 1999 until spring 2001 I took several different courses, for example in Webdesign / Webgraphic Spreadsheet (advanced use), Database (advanced use) and Programming tools 1, in Visual Basic. It was exciting and educational.

Since then, I have done a bit of programming in Visual Basic and macro programming in MsExcel

My musical tastes include, among other things, Danish, Irish and American folk music. In 1995 I met an American female folk singer named Jennifer Rose. She lives in Berea, Kentucky, and she tours frequently in Denmark, giving concerts in different places - mostly in churches, singing hymns and folk songs (traditionals). With and without music - she plays guitar and a lap-dulcimer, which has a very special sound that goes well with her clear soprano.

She has up to now, released five compact discs. The latest is from 2006 and titled "Songs of My Childhood". You can listen to some of the songs on this link. There will also be links to her other releases.

In 2002 she released a Christmas CD, titled "Christmas at Home", and you can listen to a few numbers by clicking here.
You can see the Christmas lyrics on Christmas Lyrics

On this link you can see a few pictures from a Christmas concert in a Danish church in 2002.

Move the mouse pointer over the picture to see it in a bigger format.
You play the rhythm on 2 or all 4 strings with your fingers or a plektor while playing the melody as on a guitar, but usually only on a single string. However you can also play chords on multiple strings.
Her husband Alfredo Escobar is an artist and painter. His drawings of faces are especially great and very much alive. Some of them have been on exhibition in Denmark. You can see some of them on this link.

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